Merrylands High School

Merrylands High School (MHS) is situated in South West Sydney and in the school education area of Granville. The school was established in 1959 as a comprehensive coeducational high school. MHS community is dynamic, caring, rigorous, purposeful and successful. The school comprises over 700 students from 52 cultural backgrounds. The school has received Equity funding that support schools in low socio-economic communities. This assists in improving learning outcomes in literacy and numeracy, by explicitly focusing on quality teaching and learning practices and enhancing home, school and community partnerships. Through the Fresh AIR project Merrylands High School aims to provide enriching teaching and learning opportunities for staff and students, and benefit from the collaborative learning approach with other local schools and professional artists. This opportunity will allow for greater engagement in the classrooms, raise the profile of Visual Arts within the school community.

Merrylands High School Schools