SWEATSHOP Artists: Michael Mohammed Ahmad and Mariam Chehab

Michael Moebus

Guest Artist at Althelstane Primary School. A project of Shopfront.

Michael Mohammed Ahmad is a published author, editor, actor and director of SWEATSHOP: Western Sydney Literacy Movement. Michael is dedicated to empowering marginalised communities through literacy and critical thinking. SWEATSHOP mentors, supports and employs Western Sydney artists to work with Western Sydney communities – offering communities opportunities and skills to respond to through the arts. He is currently completing a PhD in creative writing at the University of Western Sydney.

At Athelstane Public School, Michael Mohammed Ahmad brought his unique story-telling process into the classroom along with his clear cultural mentorship as an Arab-Australian writer and performing artist.


Mariam Chehab

Guest Artist at Althelstane Primary School. A project of Shopfront.

Mariam Chehab is a public relations officer with SWEATSHOP, a sub-editor and freelance journalist. She completed a combined degree in journalism and international studies with a sub-major in transnational studies at the University of Technology, Sydney. Mariam is Lebanese-Australian and is interested in the inner-workings of Arab and Muslim identities and communities in South-West Sydney. She has a particular interest in global politics and media reporting on race and multiculturalism. Mariam spent 2013 sharpening her Spanish at the Universidad de La Rioja, Spain.

Michael Mohammed Ahmad and Mariam Chehab Room 13 www.sweatshop.ws/movement